CDH welcome drink

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The 11th International CDH - Lawyers Forum took place on October 11th and 12th, 2019, in Frankfurt am Main. Numerous current topics were discussed. The law firm Dolce Lauda, together with the lawyer Dr. Petra Weipert, received the participants for a welcome drink.

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Opening in Bari

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uploaded pictureThe new office was duly celebrated with an aperitif on the terrace (the pictures really show the terrace of the office!); many colleagues from Puglia accepted the invitation, including Prof. Avv. Vincenzo Vito Chionna, Honorary Consul of the Federal Republic of Germany. The flags were only made of air (balloons), but the will counts and the guests entertained themselves very well.

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Italian Sounding in the ANUGA - successfully defeated

Dolce Lauda was commissioned by the Association Italian Sounding e.V. to remove Turkish pasta, Turkish biscuits and Egyptian spaghetti, all of which were advertised with Italian designations and partly also with the Italian flag and exhibited at the largest worldwide food fair ANUGA in Cologne, by preliminary injunctions of the Regional Court of Cologne. In all four cases, the Regional Court found that the German consumer still expects a product manufactured in Italy if the packaging is designed in Italian colours and the product designation is Italian. It remains to be seen whether the manufacturers will appeal the injunctions. The products concerned can be viewed here. 


Presentation of the "Mosca Bianca" 

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The book by Giuliano and Rodolfo Dolce "La Mosca Bianca" will be presented on September 25, 2019 at 19:00 at the Italian Consulate General in Frankfurt am Main. For details please click here. 


Opening Bari

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It's time! On October 10, 2019 our office in Bari will be opened. We invite our clients and colleagues to the opening, please click here

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On the occasion of the 11th International CDH - Lawyers' Forum, which will take place on 11 and 12 October 2019 in Frankfurt am Main, the law firm Dolce Lauda, together with the lawyer Dr. Petra Weipert, will receive the participants for a welcome drink.


Avv. Angela Bonacina interviewed by IusLaw WebRadio







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A delegation from the Friends of ERA (Academy of European) - including lawyers Castelli and Ramon - have been received by the ECB!


New office location in Bari

Our associate of many years, Doriana de Luca, who already worked for us in our Stuttgart and Milan offices, will open our new office in Bari in October. Dolce Lauda is now represented in the most active region of southern Italy! All details will follow.



As every year, Dolce Lauda is looking forward to supporting the Kammeroper Frankfurt in its performance in the Palmengarten in 2019. This year with "Die verkehrte Braut" by Rossini!


Festival of European Poetry

The Festival of European Poetry is taking place for the 10th time this year. It is mentioned here because the author and journalist Marcella Continanza, during an interview with the Italian foreign press, was kind enough to point out our " assistance at birth " in 2009.


Mosca Bianca

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La mosca bianca: Wie die Migration der italienischen Gastarbeiter die Bundesrepublik veränderte by Giuliano Dolce and Rodolfo Dolce (father and son) is being published by Villa Vigoni editions . ISBN 9788890817953 –  9,90 €


Dr. Dolce has been re-elected Vice-President of the Italian Chamber of Commerce for Germany - ItKam - for a three-year term 2019-2012!


JP Morgan Corporate Challenge

The company run with the highest number of participants in the world with approx. 70,000 runners will be held in Frankfurt am Main. Then follow New York City, Chicago and London with numbers of participants between 20,000 and 30,000. Dolce Lauda also took part with a team ready to run and narrowly missed the overall victory.

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New business and legal models for automotive supply chains in in the European and national regulatory frameworks; round table in Frankfurt am Main, Program and Registration here, from 4 pm to 7 pm


Dolce Lauda, as long-established Frankfurt law firm, has joined the Frankfurt Green Sauce World Record and invited the neighbours of the Cronstetten Foundation to join her.  Everyone enjoyed.

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On 31 May and 1 June 2019, the tenth German-Italian lawyers' seminar took place in Villa Vigoni in Menaggio; a great success in terms of atmosphere and expertise; both classical legal topics such as transport law and cross-border enforcement were discussed, but also topics that meet new challenges, such as FinTech, Blockchain, Smartcontracts. Lawyer Marilena Bacci gave a lecture on "German-Italian road transport: a comparative introduction between DE / CMR / IT", Lawyer Rodolfo Dolce moderated two sessions and was involved in the organisation of the festivities for the anniversary.

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On 30-31.05.2019 the second event of the PSEFS (Personalized Solutions in European Family and Succession Law) project was held in Rijeka, launched and promoted in December 2018 in Brussels, a project co-financed by the Justice program of the European Union. The event was held at the Faculty of Law of the Croatian city. Our lawyer Viviana Ramon, took an active part in the round table and reported on the "taxonomy of the family patrimonial system in Italian and German law".  The event confirmed the success of the PSEFS project, which has established itself as an important tool for cooperation and comparison in the field of European family law.

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Class action for companies

The Italian legislature has reformed the class action lawsuit introduced in Italy in 2007 and incorporated it from the Consumer Code (codice del consumo) into the General Civil Code (codice civile). All individuals under private law, including entrepreneurs and legal persons, are actively legitimized. In future, for example, class action lawsuits filed by aggrieved distributors or sales representatives are permitted against manufacturers. Affected plaintiffs - unlike German test cases - can still join after the decisions have been announced and benefit from the effects of the judgment.

Our Newsletter will report in detail.


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