Invented clients

By DR. RODOLFO DOLCE | 08.02.2021
In the major NSU trial, in which the Munich Regional Court solved the murders of the neo-Nazi gang, a joint plaintiff...

80,000 euros for file inspection alone

By DR. RODOLFO DOLCE | 05.02.2021
The right to an effective defence in Italy can become a costly affair that not everyone can afford. In a maxi-trial against the...

Italy: Revolt of the trainee lawyers

By DR. RODOLFO DOLCE | 05.02.2021
Italy does not know the training to become a one-size-fits-all lawyer; those who successfully passed the university exam...

Purchase of a plot of land in Germany only before a German notary public

By DR. RODOLFO DOLCE | 02.02.2021
A property located in Germany can only be effectively recorded in the presence of the parties to the purchase before...

Moribus deficiunt: Italian Rosè from Spain

By DR. RODOLFO DOLCE | 01.02.2021
It is possible that the true wine lover would wish a headache for days on any consumer who actually buys a wine under...

Germany makes VAT refunds more difficult - and is condemned by the ECJ

By DR. RODOLFO DOLCE | 27.01.2021
In its decision of 18.11.2020 (C-371/19), the ECJ has condemned the Federal Republic of Germany to handle VAT refund applications from businesses in other member states...

No "perdono" for Tiziano Ferro

By DR. RODOLFO DOLCE | 26.01.2021
The Client Letter has repeatedly reported on the "Scudo fiscale", the protective shield against tax evasion, which opens up when an Italian taxpayer brings his assets from abroad back to Italy or...

Disposable gloves and writs of action as a basis for assessment

By DR. RODOLFO DOLCE | 25.01.2021
The Italian daily newspaper "Sole 24 Ore" reported in its issue of 21.09.2020 on decisions of the Italian Court of Cassation concerning the admissibility of assumptions...

Italy: No corporate criminal law for one-man companies

By DR. RODOLFO DOLCE | 25.01.2021
One of the main differences in company law between the two countries is the corporate criminal law that does not yet...

Cross-border transfer of registered office: Continued tax liability even after deletion from the commercial register

By DR. RODOLFO DOLCE | 20.01.2021
In Italy, deletion from the commercial register generally leads to the termination of all legal relationships and obligations of...

No right to information of the authorised dealer for the assessment of the compensation claim

By DR. RODOLFO DOLCE | 19.01.2021
As a general rule, after the termination of the contractual relationship, the principal can continue to use the customer relationships...

Initiation of the mediation procedure by the creditor

By DR. STEFAN DANGEL | 13.01.2021

BEA: Written pleadings meeting the deadline only signed or from your own subject

By DR. RODOLFO DOLCE | 12.01.2021
The Federal Labour Court (BAG) has clarified the following in a decision (14.09.2020, 6 AZB 23/20) A written pleading transmitted via BEA has the effect of meeting the...

Bad reviews - no matter for whom

By DR. RODOLFO DOLCE | 11.01.2021
We are happy to report on the great successes of the firm in our newsletter, they cannot be verified by the reader anyway. Today, in order to increase the credibility...

Italy: Palermo Regional Court rules for the first time that

By DR. RODOLFO DOLCE | 18.12.2020
In Italy, the deliverers of meals ordered online or by phone, at lunchtime or in the evening, by Vespa or bicycle, are called "riders". They already represent a large...
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